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Anniversay of the Battle of Cowpens (Battle / Living History)
Cowpens National Battlefield, Cowpens, NC
April 20, 2019

General Daniel Morgan took 300 Continental riflemen and some 700 militiamen with the intention of attacking the British backcountry fort, Ninety-Six. In response, Cornwallis dispatched Banastre Tarleton with 1,100 Redcoats and Loyalists to catch Morgan, whom he feared might instigate a broad-based backcountry Patriot uprising. Cowpens was a key battle in the south. Come join us in January to learn more about what it was like on each side of the battle.

About Us

The North Carolina Highland Regiment is an 18th century Revolutionary War re-enactment group. depicting loyalists from the upper Cape Fear River valley. The unit also portrays the 71st Highlanders of Foot.

We visit historic sites throughout the Carolinas, Virginia, Florida and Georgia, where we reenact battles and demonstrate eighteenth century skills and camp life.

We are a family oriented non-profit organization which prides itself on the high quality of our interpretations of eighteenth century life. As reenactors, we share our historical knowledge with the public through these interpretations. In this manner, we can vividly explain the past, the Highlander men and women who defended the Crown, and the social customs that defined their daily lives.

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